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My name is Matthew Yahes and I am an entrepreneur.  It didn’t start out that way but it’s where who I am today.  This blog is a live document of my journey to create a portfolio of small internet businesses.  I have done a lot of things, but have never run a small online business.  This is going to be an adventure filled with success and failure.  I will be fairly open with how everything is going and really am looking forward to meeting some great people all the way.

My goal in writing this blog is to not only document my journey but also to help you along yours. I have a lot of experience in technology, operations, scaling, and analysis so if there is anything you need advice on please shoot me an email.

Why is this blog called “Singles or Doubles”?  Hitting Singles or Doubles is my operational hypothesis.  Let me explain.  All to often in the media, entrepreneurs are only deemed successful if they make $1B or more in an exit.  These are grand slams and are commonly called “Unicorn” companies.  Venture Capitalists are looking for these companies to make the outsized returns they need for their portfolio to be successful.  These are the AirBnb’s and Facebooks of the world.

There is the next tier of companies that are home runs but for some reason aren’t glorified.  They exit for $100M+  These are huge wins but they also generally cost a lot of money to start and raise tens of millions of dollars.

What about the companies that make up to $10M per year and take home between $50k – $500k?  What if you could buy them for 2x – 4x cash flow and double or triple it? Isn’t that a win?  These are the “Singles and Doubles” of the internet business world.  This blog is about my journey to create a portfolio of these companies.  Companies that we can all buy (through financing) and create the life we all dream about.

This blog is for people like us who want to create a different life, a path less traveled, a harder path, but one that is ultimately more rewarding.

Come along with me on this journey.  It’s going to be a great ride.

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