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I am working on the 2016 content schedule and want to hear what people would like for blog topics.  My plan is to write a weekly update on my progress and sprinkle in a lot of tips and tricks that I have learned.

What I really would like to know is are there anything that you the reader would like to know?  Please add in the comment fields or DM me.  Here are some ideas I have so far.

  1. I am an owner! 
  2. why a business plan is BS and you should never have one (nothing survives first contact)
  3. the first 30 days
  4. a full audit of the business
  5. google penalties and the impact they can have
  6. what it means to have employees vs contractors….
  7. do you want to outsource your most important function…. customer service?
  8. results of the SEO audit and what i need to do
  9. implementing change
  10. conversion optimization
  11. redesigning the website & implementing
  12. redesigning customer touchpoints
  13. optimizing for growth
  14. a look back at the past few months… what i did right and wrong
  15. getting ideas from everywhere you go… the value of openly communicating
  16. spend a little more to get talent and why it pays dividends
  17. outsourcing and the challenges
  18. the importance of exercise and eating right when you start a company…how i gained 25 lbs starting a national healthy food restaurant
  19. A/B testing and my experience
  20. the importance of customer feedback
  21. having a supportive spouse and how it makes a difference
  22. being scared and making the plunge to be your own boss
  23. why eBay and amazon are the perfect learning ground for learning e-commerce
  24. automation and systems…why they are the only way..even early on
  25. buying a business vs building
  26. how you launch your startup really doesn’t matter.
  27. 1 year later… a look back