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Hi.  My name is Matthew Yahes and I am an entrepreneur.  It seems like a weird way to start a blog but how I got here was strange as well.  Since I graduated undergrad, I always worked for other people.  It was safe, secure…until it wasn’t.

In 2009 I lost my job during a downsizing that cut 30% of the consulting company I was working for.  Thankfully, I was at a client (Chicago 2016 Olympic Bid) and went to work for them directly.  This was the first step of my entrepreneurial journey.  I was a contractor, had to bill to get paid, and secured my own health insurance.  It wasn’t a huge step but a step none the less.

After that gig ended, I then went back to the company that laid me off as a contractor.  While working there, I discovered that I enjoyed being a contractor more than an employee.  Yes it was less stable but all you had to do was to take care of the client and you were done.  That and I made a lot more money.  Sure it’s less stable but I enjoyed the freedom. Another small step.

Then my big break happened.

My client from Chicago 2016 calls me up one day and says that a guy is pitching him on starting a company and he wants me to facilitate the meeting.  The call wasn’t out of the blue; I had helped him with some other stuff but this seemed like it could be interesting.

At the end of the meeting, he asked me my thoughts and then said “why don’t you join me in starting the company”.  It took about 30 seconds before I said yes, and I was in business and starting a restaurant concept with the former president of McDonalds.  

Over the next four years, we built a national restaurant chain, LYFE Kitchen.  It was the hardest work I have ever done.  Some days I was going to conquer the world and others I thought we were done; an emotional roller coaster like never before.  It was my life, my everything, and I loved it.  

I finally felt like an entrepreneur.  

Now as I take the plunge again (after a year of striking out), this blog is going to be the blog I wished I started at LYFE Kitchen.  I am going to document my successes, failures, wins, misses, and any other crazy thing that happens.

Thanks for your interest in coming along for the journey….it’s going to be a great ride.